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About Ellen Moseley May

Hey there!

Most days you can find me sitting outside my studio on my deck with my brush in hand and my two pups curled up at my feet because, let's face it, creating art is always better with dogs.  I am mostly known for being a beach obsessed gypsy soul with a love for crazy clothes loaded with color, art, Jesus and gymnastics. 


People often refer to me as the girl who jumps in with two feet and never even worries whether she will be able to swim.  I built my first business, Moseley Gymnastics, with the $350 I received in gifts for high school graduation and a fearless desire to change lives.  Many people will tell you I'm extremely opinionated but also incredibly driven, inspiring and motivating.  I love serving the world by encouraging others to grow personally, spiritually and professionally without sacrificing their authenticity or integrity.  I guess you could say, I'm a cheerleader to the world.

The things I am most passionate about in life are Jesus, who drives my every dream and vision, my family and making memories with them that will last longer than my life here on earth and art because I, not only love to create it, I love sharing with others how they can tap into their own creative spirit.  YES!!!! We all have one.  I love to build up and encourage people to believe in themselves and the dreams they have.  I also have a deep passion for exercise and nutrition because I believe that self care and self love are two of the main keys to living a happy and balanced life.  

When I'm not busy painting on my deck or creating custom handmade gifts in my studio, you can find me teaching life skills to my students through the sport of gymnastics.  As a coach of 33 years, I have been named Coach of the Year and honored as an Outstanding Graduate of my former high school for my contributions to my community.  However, putting all that aside, as often as possible you can find me traveling with my dreamy hubby in our motorhome to as many beaches as possible and collecting sea shells and sea glass to use in many of my art creations or teaching my grandson, Jackson the joys of Art and Jesus and how to worship with the gifts we are given.

My greatest desire is to leave a feeling of belief in everyone I meet and to be able to spark in them a desire to follow their dreams and live whatever life makes them shine the brightest.  If I can do that, then I feel like I've done my job.

I am Ellen
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