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How do I Get Clear on my God Given Purpose?

Last week we talked about how, as a child of God, he gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and with that come the fruit of his Spirit. It is that Spirit living in us that guides us to find, clarify and get on the right path to accomplishing our purpose. As a God’s child, one of gifts we receive is the ability to hear God speak in our hearts. It’s usually a deep feeling or intuition that causes us to pause and think very specifically about something that is happening or something we are feeling. This is a gift that only his children have. That same voice or intuition guides us on our path to our full purpose. However, just as using our gifts and talents are a choice so is hearing and being obedient the voice of the Holy Spirit. We don’t hear that voice automatically. There are certain things that help us to hear it more clearly and to be able to discern the truth of God from the lies of the enemy.

This Week's Scripture Focus: Ephesians 1:18

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people.”

Spend time with God daily so you can learn what my voice sounds like. You know exactly what your mom, or dad or child’s voice sounds like whether it’s over the phone or in the other room. The reason you know that is because you have spent time getting to know them and their voice. It is the same with our Father in Heaven. By spending time daily with him, we are able to discern the sound and feel of his voice and that gives us defense against the enemy that will inevitably try to disguise himself as God’s voice to fill our heads and hearts with lies. In order to fight that battle we must be absolutely skilled at distinguishing God’s voice.

Pray for wisdom often so the Spirit living in us is activated to give us the clarity and discernment we need to stay on the path for which we were created. It is easy to stray from the path if you do not have a clear picture of where you are going. That picture is only made clear by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit living in us.

Understand and claim your inheritance as God’s child. Once we are clear on our purpose, it’s important for us to understand the power we have been given to accomplish that purpose. The riches of our inheritance are all the powers of heaven. That means we have the ability to call upon the name of God to create situations that are covered in his favor and blessings to accomplish what he commands of us. His power rests upon our shoulders to help us to help us in areas that our strength alone can’t do. This is not so we can claim credit, but instead so God can be glorified as people see his power as the only way we could possible accomplish the task.

How blessed are we to have his Spirit living in us to give us the clarity of knowing our purpose? We are gifted and blessed with his time every day because he adopted us into his family as his children. This is just one of so many gifts God chooses to give us as we seek to clarify and accomplish our God given purpose.


1. Take 10 minutes everyday this week meditating on our daily scriptures and just listening to God’s voice?

2. Write down what he is saying to you in the first person narrative. As if God is speaking directly to you.

3. Write a response back to God on what he is saying to you?

4. Specifically ask God to help you get clear on your purpose for the upcoming year?

5. When you feel God speaking this week, stop and listen and take time to write it down and review it as the week progresses.

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